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The Virtual College Success Academy (VCSA) is a summer program for new international undergraduate students who will be starting at Lehigh University in the fall semester. The VCSA program enrolls students in a live online course called Lehigh Life and Language for International Speakers, with three credits toward graduation. In addition, the VCSA program allows these students to interact virtually with Lehigh faculty, staff, and students for interviews, activities, and campus events.

This course introduces international students to Lehigh University culture and support services, helps them brush-up on their academic communication and study skills, and helps them begin to develop friends and social groups in order to succeed living and studying on campus. In the course, you will meet online with the teacher and other students as a whole class at times, and at other times you will meet individually with the teacher and in small groups online. As a final group e-portfolio, students collaborate virtually on research about Lehigh University life and language.


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Summer II: July 5, 2022-August 11, 2022



New International Undergraduate Students Accepted For The Fall 2022 Semester Will Receive The Provost's Scholarship To Cover Vcsa Tuition.

For all other students, pay the per-credit tuition rate.


*Application Deadline: June 1, 2022

Apply Now:


Email: or call 610-758-6099


There will be some flexibility in class time meetings in order to accommodate students’ schedules, time zones, and travel plans. Register to attend one of our VCSA webinar info-sessions to learn more.
April 29th or June 3rd: