Summer at Lehigh

Find Your Missing Piece


Do you know where you want to go, but you don’t know where to start? The links on this page will help. Some lead to information about summer courses, which will allow current students to stay on track, or even to get a few credits ahead in their academic programs. Other links will open your eyes to the wide variety of cultural engagement, professional development, and experiential learning programs Lehigh hosts each summer. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to focus on your academic goals, or seeking ways to broaden your horizons, we hope that the Summer at Lehigh resource pages will enable you to find your missing piece.
Steven H. Wilson, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Summer at Lehigh is

Lehigh offers more than 1300 courses, projects, and programs in 80 disciplines both on-campus and abroad, providing exciting options for a variety of interests and abilities.
Over 2800 students from Lehigh and around the world participate in our courses, programs, and projects each summer, enhancing opportunities for teaching and learning.
With international students and scholars visiting Bethlehem, and programs and courses around the US and the world, Summer at Lehigh puts the world at your doorstep.
With some course and program costs starting at less than $1000, Summer at Lehigh is more affordable than you might think. Plus, financial assistance may be available.