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StepUp Intensive English Program

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The StepUp program involves non-credit, intensive coursework, and/or individual tutoring that provides comprehensive English language and cultural training at all levels of proficiency. Our goal is to help multilingual students develop high-intermediate to advanced levels of English language proficiency so they can communicate effectively and socialize into U.S. culture successfully. Students can choose the full-time or part-time program, and courses can be taken either in-person on campus or online. 

Successful completion of the StepUp program satisfies the requirements for conditional admissions to Lehigh University’s graduate and undergraduate programs. Students who are interested in applying to a graduate or undergraduate program at Lehigh can start taking non-credit StepUp courses and then apply to Lehigh University. Alternatively, they can apply to Lehigh first and then take StepUp courses if they are conditionally admitted."


This program is open to conditionally admitted Lehigh students and visiting students 

Contact Information

Email: | Phone: (610) 758 - 6099