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Iacocca International Internship Program (IIIP)

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Internships are offered across all disciplines and in all regions of the world. All Lehigh students are welcome to apply.  Students work for approximately 30 hours per week at a global host organization for a duration of 6-10 weeks between May and August.  The types of internships vary widely year-to-year.

The Iacocca International Internship Program (IIIP) is distinctive.  Students participate in a global internship and receive support to overcome challenges, make the most of the opportunity, and enhance their career readiness and intercultural competence.  The IIIP team works with students before, during, and after the internship through the iiPATH curriculum. 


This program is only open to Lehigh students

Contact Information

phone: (610) 758-3467 Email: |                                                                                        

Director - Carol Strange (610) 758-3467 ;