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High School Students

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Summer at Lehigh welcomes qualified* high school students (students from international high/secondary schools are not eligible).   There are many introductory courses designated for the soon-to-be college student.   This is a way to experience a traditional campus environment in a less hectic setting.   Courses are taught by expert Lehigh faculty.  Course sizes are smaller than regular semesters.   You will receive an official Lehigh transcript.   Credits earned will be applied to your official student record if you choose Lehigh to earn your degree.   Or, the credits may be transferred to a program at another school.

Before taking a summer course at Lehigh though, be sure you can handle it.  College courses are very different from high school courses. In most cases, the work is more abstract, there is more of it, and the pace is faster. You will need to show initiative and self-discipline. And, if you take a first session class while you’re still completing your high school classes, you’ll need to work around your high school schedule—and keep up your grades.

Start with Your High School Counselor

Your counselor can help you determine if you are ready for college instruction. As with honors and AP classes, students best suited for college-level work are already excelling in the particular subject area, and in their coursework overall. Ask your counselor these questions:

·       Can I take a college class in place of a required high school class?

·       Will my high school transcript record my college work?

·       Can I take time away from school to attend a class?

·       Are there any requirements or restrictions I need to be aware of?


*Students who are 14 and in high school may register for appropriate summer courses at Lehigh.  In most cases, high school students are permitted to register for courses numbered from 001 through 199, unless the course has additional course requirements such as college-level prerequisites.

The admission and registration process outlined for Non-Lehigh undergraduates should be followed.  However, instead of obtaining a certification of good standing, an official transcript from the high school they are attending at the time of application as well as a supporting statement from their high school guidance counselor, must be submitted with the application form.

Summer classes are posted for summer 2018 and may be viewed by clicking this link.

The application form will be available (March 24), you will be able to click this link to download the registration form.  Classes fill quickly, so early application is recommended.  Registration officially opens April 16, 2018.