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Library and Technology

At Lehigh University, computing, library, media and communications services are provided by Library & Technology Services (LTS). For general help in any of these areas, call HELP (758-4357) or check out the LTS web pages. Call (610) 758-2828 for an up-to-date recording of all LTS facility hours.


Library Services

A 1.2 million-volume library collection is housed in two facilities. E. W. Fairchild-Martindale Library houses the collections in science, engineering and social sciences as well as all microforms and audio-visual materials. The Linderman Library is dedicated to humanities and fine arts collections, including Special Collections.  Linderman has recently been re-opened after extensive renovations to this historic structure and is truly a campus “destination” not to be missed.

The Lehigh Libraries also participate in a wealth of interlibrary loan and other cooperative arrangements. All library services and a wide array of electronic resources are assembled on the Library Services web pages. These include the online catalog (ASA), full-text and multimedia databases, indexes and references tools, and many electronic journals. A Lehigh e-mail account (see Computing below) is needed to access many of these services. Other library services available electronically encompass reference queries, interlibrary loan and photocopy requests, and requests for holds.

Current library hours are listed at: Summer session hours are shorter than regular hours during the semester.


Computing Services

More than 600 microcomputers (primarily IBM-compatible personal computers with some MACs) and some advanced workstations are distributed across campus for convenient use by Lehigh students at some 23 computing sites. These sites provide access to numerous software programs for student use. The main floor of Fairchild-Martindale Library offers a large computing site with consultants scheduled to help users during many hours. For more information on computing services consult

Wireless connectivity is available in the Fairchild and Linderman Libraries and in most other campus academic buildings.  See the wireless web page at for information on connectivity throughout the campus and instructions on necessary configurations for using secure wireless at Lehigh University. Wireless laptops can be borrowed at the Fairchild Library and Linderman Library circulation desks for short-term use.

Summer session students (who do not already have Lehigh computer accounts) may open a computer account. This will provide e-mail service, use of a campus “portal”, access to the library databases, and use of computing services on the Compute Server Cluster and the advanced workstations. Call LTS at 610-758-3830 for more information on opening accounts.


Instructional Technology/Media Services

The Digital Media Studio in the Mart Wing of Fairchild-Martindale Library offers a state-of-the-art multimedia computer classroom and many other facilities for student use. The Media Center, also in Fairchild-Martindale Library, offers audio, video, and electronic resources and the equipment and viewing spaces needed for their use. A limited supply of laptops for short-term rental by students, faculty or departments is housed there as well.

Also available for classroom use are VCRs, portable computers, overhead and slide projectors. Basic production services for presentations are located at this site. The International Multimedia Resource Center (IMRC), located in Maginnes Hall offers access to international programs via satellite. This facility houses foreign language video and audio tapes, satellite downlinks and a collaborative multimedia computer lab including foreign language and instructional authoring software. For more information consult