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Tuition / Fees

Tuition and Fees for Summer 2017


Tuition and Fees (Audit students pay full tuition)

  • Undergraduate Tuition

            $735 per credit hour for Summer 2017

Tuition covers all course charges except lab fees, breakage, special supplies, transportation, and recreational activities.  Courses with special fees are designated in the course description section of this catalog. 


  • Graduate Tuition for students matriculated in:

              College of Arts and Science

              $ 1,460 per credit hour for Summer 2017

              College of Education

              $ 565 per credit hour for Summer 2017.  Some courses carry special fees.

              P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

              $ 1,460 per credit hour for Summer 2017. 

               College of Business and Economics

              $ 1,075 per credit hour for Summer 2017.


Late Registration

All students are subject to a a late payment fee of $200 if they do not complete the registration process and pay all applicable tuition and fees by the first day of the session in which they wish to take courses (May 23 for full summer and first session courses and July 5 for second session courses).  Students taking courses that have start dates later in a session (week-long intensive workshops, for example) must complete their registration and pay by the first day on which the course actually meets.


Summer tuition may be paid by check or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted).  When submitting a check for payment, please include the student's LIN (Lehigh University number) in the memo line of the check to ensure that the funds are properly credited.  When using a credit card, please include the student's Lehigh Identification Number (LIN), the credit card number and expiration date, the name of the credit card holder, and a daytime phone number where that person can be reached.  Please note that credit cards are accepted for summer tuition only.  They are not accepted in payment for academic year tuition and fees.